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Is Vexatious Litigant Mark Stopa Suing the Pinellas County Clerk?

Is Crazy-Train Vexatious Litigant Mark Stopa Planning to File A Frivolous Pro-Se Lawsuit Against Pinellas County For Posting His Address? In the not-so-distant future, you might see a picture of Vexatious Litigant Mark Stopa when you look up Florida Statute 68.093. FS 68.093 is Florida’s Vexatious Litigant Law. Mark Stopa is the textbook definition of…

Judge Anthony Woody Rondolino Busted Protecting Mark Stopa

Something Is Very VERY WRONG In The 6th Judicial Circuit Under Chief Judge Anthony Woody Rondolino Predatory foreclosure defense attorney, liar and thief Mark Stopa ruled over the 6th Judicial Circuit like a whiny brat with soiled diapers.  However, he couldn’t do so without the help of his pal Chief Judge Anthony “Woody” Rondolino. Whatever…

The SS Mark Stopa Is Sinking Fast!

The SS Mark Stopa And Federico Organized Crime Family Has Hit A Law Enforcement Iceberg And Is Sinking Fast! The SS Mark Stopa And Federico Organized Crime Family Are Having A Very Rough 2023. Sources say this is the year. Yes, FDLE is finally going to take down Mark Stopa and Adrienne Federico for all…

Did Segal And Schuh Law Group Give Mark Stopa The Boot?

Did Segal And Schuh Law Group Give Mark Stopa The Boot Or Gleefully Neglect To Tell Him They Moved? It appears the Segal and Schuh Law Group moved out of their long time Clearwater office right after Thanksgiving 2022. Segal and Schuh had been at 18167 US 19 North for over a decade. The firm…

Judge Jack Helinger Takes Bribes Claims Mark Stopa

Disbarred Lawyer Mark Stopa Calls For The FBI To Investigate Pinellas County Judge Jack Helinger For Taking Bribes Mentally challenged disbarred lawyer Mark Stopa issued a press release promoting his book, People v Money. Stopa’s press release is filled with his typical delusions of grandeur. He also filled the press release with exaggerated claims. Stopa…

Pathological Liar Mark Stopa is Terrorizing Florida

Pathological Liar Mark Stopa Continues to Terrorize Victims With Impunity With Help From The Florida Court System   We all know the story of Pinocchio – the fictional boy whose nose grows when he tells a lie. Pathological Liar Mark Stopa is a living Pinocchio and he is living in Pinellas Park. This is his story….

Florida Grinch Mark Stopa Stole a $2.1 Million Christmas

How Florida Grinch Mark Stopa And The Stopa-Federico Crime Family STOLE a $2.1 Million Christmas From 26 Innocent Auction Buyers   Florida Grinch Mark Stopa is a real life version of Dr. Seuss’s fictional monster, the Grinch. The Grinch terrorized a community and stole Christmas. Stopa is like this corrupt creature who put on a fake…

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Everyone Is Laughing At Mark Stopa

Everyone Is Laughing At Mark Stopa Now That He Has Shown The World What A Loser Lawyer He Really Was  The way Mark Stopa tells it, he was the greatest foreclosure defense lawyer in Florida. The reality was he was a half-ass lawyer and a loser who disgraced himself by ripping off his own clients….

Scumbag Mark Stopa Busted Stealing The Homes of His Elderly Clients

Scumbag Mark Stopa Busted Stealing The Home Of His Elderly Client Named Russell Layton As Part Of An Equity Skimming Scam The tips about the criminal activity of disbarred lawyer and all around scumbag Mark Stopa keep coming in. This latest Russell Layton story is not for the squeamish.  This elder-abuse story shows how dangerous…

Did Adrienne Federico Peddle Smut From Her Home?

Did Adrienne Federico Peddle Internet Smut From Her Home? What is 5 Smutty Sisters, LLC? Residents in the exclusive Bayou Club Estates Golf Community are up in arms and demanding answers. Did Adrienne Federico peddle internet smut from her home? They want to know what a company called 5 Smutty Sisters, LLC is all about….

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