Mark Stopa Got A Brutal Facebook Smackdown

Mark Stopa Got A Brutal Facebook Smackdown By Fellow Consumer Lawyers. They Come Out Swinging By Calling Him A Criminal

Mark Stopa GotIt appears Mark Stopa got a Facebook smackdown back in December of 2019. The following came from the Facebook page of Mortgage Note & Portfolio Examiners.

The company is part of the Westlake Law Group.

Westlake Law Group is a consumer law firm in the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC. Apparently, like many people, Stopa also managed to piss them off.


On December 19, 2019, one of their lawyers wrote in a post on Facebook:

This guy Mark Stopa is a criminal. He’s the typical “stall” attorney. (Stopa) made five million ripping off homeowners with useless arguments. The outcome for his clients (was) foreclosure.

Now after getting disbarred, he wants to blame the courts for his incompetence and illegal activities.

He claims he tried over 7000 cases over a 7-year period which is impossible. According to him, he won 2000. This is a lie and is easily provable. And what about the 5000 homeowners who lost their homes?

If he was such an expert why did he lose so many? Oh, that’s right the courts are corrupt.

Expert attorneys win 90% plus of their cases not 20%. The truth be known those so-called wins were dismissals. (This is) where the banks came back and re-foreclosed. It is guaranteed that almost every homeowner that hired him eventually lost their home!

Moreover, he was ripping off homeowners another way by talking clients into giving their property to him for a couple of thousand. Then renting out those properties for tens of thousands.

We have evidence of other fraudulent and unethical activity by Stopa and other “stall” atttorneys in Florida basically doing the same things Stopa was accused of doing. It’s called equity skimming and it’s a crime.

What is truly sad is that gullible people believe the lies of these frauds. and they perpetuate the lies by talking up these scammers without knowing the truth.

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