Mark Stopa Fraud Dossier 2.0

Everyone Is Talking About  The New Mark Stopa Dossier 2.0 That An Anonymous Whistleblower Sent To Chief Judge Anthony Rondolino

Judge Anthony Rondolino

Judge Anthony Rondolino

The emails and the phone calls keep pouring in about the new Mark Stopa Dossier 2.0 that we wrote about a week ago.

Unnamed sources at the 6th Circuit Court have even confirmed Chief Judge Anthony Rondolino have received copies of the dossier. They also say Judge Rondolino finds the dossier very disturbing considering Stopa’s 12 year history of abusing the legal system and his disbarment.

Court employees say the dossier has initiated a internal investigation by the court administrator into Stopa’s recent foreclosure filings. 

Employees say the matter could be turned over over to FDLE and the Florida Attorney General’s Office.

FDLE is currently investigating Stopa for abusing the court and scamming clients as outlined in Dossier 1.0.

There are also rumors that the judges in the 6th Circuit are fed up with Stopa’s shenanigans and are looking for excuses to flush his cases. 

It appears it’s only a matter of time before Stopa gets indicted and becomes the center in an interracial cell block buttcake mandingo party.

Mark Stopa Dossier 2.0 vs. Mark Stopa Dossier 1.0

Mark Stopa Dossier 2.0Dossier 1.0 exposed a previous equity skimming scheme by Mark Stopa and his wife Adrienne Federico. Stopa later admitted in his self-aggrandizing book People v. Money (Chapter 28). In his book, Stopa states that the dossier is what led to him being disbarred and his office being raided in August 2018.

Like a typical a typical sociopath, Stopa tries to profess his innocence. 

The letter dated August 1, 2022 alerted Judge Rondolino of another Mark Stopa organized foreclosure scam.

The whistleblower also alleges Stopa is using a gang of proxy and shadowy attorneys to execute his alleged scheme.

Mark Stopa Dossier 2.0The whistleblower alleges Stopa and his attorneys are knowingly abusing the court foreclosure system for their own personal financial gain.

The dossier names the law firms involved.

Namely, Segal & Schuh where Stopa allegedly works as a “paralegal” since being disbarred in 2019.

The dossier also names Deitsch & Deitsch Law Firm and several prominent Tampa Bay area attorneys as being part of the scam.


The attorneys listed are:

You can read Mark Stopa Criminal Dossier 2.0 here.

The Mark Stopa Dossier 2.0 Implicates Mark Stopa In A New Foreclosure Scam

Mark Stopa's Horrible Secret

What will Mark Stopa do now that his secret equity skimming scheme has been exposed?

The letter references 16 “fabricated” equitable lien foreclosures committed by Stopa owned entities. Stopa’s attorneys filed the fake foreclosures in various courts across Florida. Documents show Stopa filed these fraudulent foreclosures through his cadre of unscrupulous proxy attorneys located in the Tampa Bay area.

Dossier 1.0 and the new Dossier 2.0 also detail Mark Stopa’s ownership in all of the properties. It appears the properties in question were once owned by Stopa’s own foreclosure clients prior to his 2019 disbarment. 

Stopa conned his clients into deeding the properties to him for a fraction of the value. He would then continue to fight the foreclosure even though his clients were no longer deed holders. 

The fraud dossier 1.0 details how collected rent from his former clients after he had transferred title.

He milked rent from his former clients as long as possible while the foreclosure litigation was still pending. Stopa collected rent until Segal & Schuh could no longer delay the mortgage lenders from foreclosing. 

Stopa also had mounting legal debts brought on by the FDLE investigation.

Two years ago, Stopa began losing foreclosure cases to the properties he acquired through his clients. As a result, Stopa needed a scheme to monetize the properties before they were lost.

As a result, Mark Stopa concocted a scheme to sue himself to create a fake foreclosure judgments. Stopa was trying to trap unsuspecting auction buyers into overbidding on the judgment. As a result, this  created a massive surplus. Stopa would then manipulate the county clerk into sending the illicit funds to him.

You can also read Dossier 2.0 in full here.



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